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How to Sell Gold in USA



Request For (Free) Shipping

The process starts with you requesting free shipping. Fill out the form. We will seek a few details, including your contact information, what you want to sell, and your preferred shipping method. We’ll send you a FedEx shipping label or a USPS mailer. (FedEx shipments are insured up to $5,000; plus, additional insurance can be availed for items that value up to $100,000.)


Pack Your Valuables and Send

On to you now. Once you have received your shipping label or SAFEPAK, pack up your item(s) and ship it to us. Note that this is free of charge for you. It’s on us. Send whatever you want to sell: from a gold coin to a silver watch and diamond-studded jewellery. (You can track your shipment through every stage for the peace of your mind.)


We’ll Send You a Quote

As soon as we receive your package, our certified technicians will appraise your item(s). Within 24 hours of receiving the valuables, we will send you a quote via email, text, or phone call, whichever is the primary mode of communication.


Get Your Money

After receiving the quote, if you’re satisfied with our offers, then you can accept it. We will instantly start the process of transferring your money. The transfer can be made via bank wire, check, or PayPal, whichever is ideal for you. However, in case you didn’t like our Offer and didn’t want to proceed, we will return your item(s) at no cost at all.