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How to Sell Gold in USA


We accept all kinds of items, as long as they include gold, silver, and diamond. Our preferred items include everything from a watch, pen, and coin to dental scrap, pins, rings, wire, and more. So, don’t worry about what you can send in. If it includes gold, silver, and/or diamond, we’ll buy them at a good value.

We have several payment options: Bank wire, cheque, and PayPal. Whichever option suits your preference, we’ll transfer your money accordingly.

We make sure we provide the best value to our customers. In fact, we even guarantee to match the offer of any competitors. However, despite that, if you’re not happy with the offers, then you can refuse to move forward. We will return your items; we will not charge anything from you for this.

No. When you’re sending us your items, the shipping is free. Similarly, if you don’t like our quote and want your items back, we would return them free of cost.

We have certified in-house technicians who use various factors to appraise valuables. Many things go into consideration during the evaluation process, including the current value of gold and silver. If you need more information on this, please get in touch with us.

It’s simple! You request free shipping by contacting us or filling a form. We would take over from there. For more details on this, please check out our Process page.

We understand: you might have several concerns and questions before you feel comfortable selling your gold, silver, and/or diamond jewellery  online. Contact us using our contact page. Our team will be happy to address all your concerns and provide you with all the details you want.