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Maybe you’re into collecting gold coin; maybe someone gave it to you as a gift; maybe you’ve stumbled across one when running errands. Irrespective, here’s the situation: You have a gold coin and you want to sell it for cash.

At ‘Cash For Gold America’, we believe selling gold coins online doesn’t have to be such a tedious, anxiety-filled task. With this same idea, we came into being. Towing a solid track record that includes thousands of happy and satisfied customers, ‘Cash For Gold America’ is now a go-to destination to sell your coins online. So, stop Googling “sell gold coins for cash near me” and get in touch with us today. We have you covered, assuring to exceed your expectations.

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Admittedly, selling gold coins for cash online can be a little intimidating. Will you get the right amount for the coin? How quickly will you get the money? Can you trust the buyer? What if you lose the coin in the shipment? What if you can find a better offer for the coin somewhere else?

One of the reasons why ‘Cash For Gold America’ is the best place to sell gold coins online is because we address these concerns head-on. We ensure that this entire process is quick, simple and secure for you. 

For the starters, we have a dedicated team of professionals who are always prompt in response. So, if you have any concern or question, we are always available to talk. Second, we have cut the clutters to make selling gold coins online simpler. Send us your gold coin (the delivery charge is on us), our experts will make you an offer within 24 hours. If you like the offer, we will send you your money via bank wire, cheque or PayPal – whichever you prefer. In case if you don’t like the offer, we’ll return your gold coin without asking any question. (Again, the shipping charge will be on us.)

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At ‘Cash For Gold America’, we guarantee to match the offer made by any gold coin buyer. Not just that, the free FedEx shipment you avail is insured up to $5,000; additional insurance is available for items valued up to $100,000. Also, in addition to gold, you can sell silver coins online at us. To know more or if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

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