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What are the Best Places to Sell Your Gold for Cash Online?

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What are the Best Places to Sell Your Gold for Cash Online?

  • 10 Jun 2021
  • Posted By Cash For Gold

Finding out where to sell your gold possessions can truly be confusing. Sometimes, the most visible and heavily advertised options are not always the best and trustworthy place to sell your jewelry especially if you are looking for a fair deal.

Ideally there are three places where you can sell your gold. The reputable online gold buyers, bullion pawn shops and local jewelers. If you are looking for the “best place to get cash for jewelry near me”, then we would suggest choosing an online portal to get the highest possible price for your gold. Given in the blog below are some of the options where you can sell gold and whether it is a smart idea.

Online portals


If you have gold jewelry, coins, gems, or any other type of jewelry that you want to sell, online settlement can be the best option. It is a lot more cost effective and the portals are industry accredited as well, which means chances are that you won’t be robbed off your possessions. In the online stores you will also get a better price than you usually will from a brick-and-mortar store. It is also a pretty simple process. You have to fill up a contact form given in the website and the experts will guide you regarding the shipping process and the insurance details as well.

Pawn shops


Many pawn shops purchase a range of gold jewelry, coins and bullion. Selling locally to a pawn shop is an easy way to sell your gold for cash quickly. However, you will get a lower price which is not really worth all the jewelry. Instead choosing a reputable online gold buyer.

Pawn shops make the majority of their revenue by loaning money to their customers. In order to get a good return on investment by buying gold, the pawn shop will need to buy it for a low enough price to be able to sell it with a reasonable profit margin.

Local jewelry store


Local jewelry store are often a reliable and safe option. While not all jewelry stores will buy gold jewelry, others will offer very poor returns.  Not all jewelry stores buy gold from customers, especially if you have scrap or vintage rings or pendants lying around. Therefore, avoid wasting your time and look for an online shop for the best returns.

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