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Selling Old Gold Jewellery at Appropriate Prices

Selling Old Gold Jewellery

Selling Old Gold Jewellery at Appropriate Prices

  • 22 Jul 2021
  • Posted By Cash For Gold

Have a lot of old, unfashionable gold jewelry that you’ll probably never use again? some broken necklaces or bracelets that would cost more to fix than what the piece is really worth? or, selling old gold jewellery at appropriate prices? If you’re looking to dispose of your gold items, and convert them to cash, you can get cash for your old gold with us- online, too. When purchasing gold based on its weight & purity, we use the best technologies available for valuation. And to top it all, we have evaluators who have years of experience in this industry.

With us, you can be assured of fair evaluation and pricing of your gold, even though this pandemic period. As you know gold is becoming the main source of investment, and nowadays investors are investing in gold on a larger scale. So, if you’re looking for some cash for gold near me, you must receive accurate estimates by selling a gold jewelry cash calculator. When it comes to trust and transparency to sell gold online usa, the options are really limited. Because of this, you may get a question in your mind that “Which are jewelry stores that buy gold at the best price?” Not to worry, we are here to be the solution to your queries.

We provide all the answers to your questions with a simple and transparent process. We accept all types of used gold and in return, we offer you the best price worth it. The most simple and sensible way to sell jewelry is to calculate how much amount you take home after selling your gold jewelry- and, we offer the best market price for your most treasured gold items.

Selling Old Gold Jewellery: Cash for Gold

  • Here’s the procedure employed by us to buy gold:
    The process starts with you requesting free shipping. Fill out the form. We’ll seek some details like your contact information, what you want to sell, and your preferred method of shipping. We’ll send you a FedEx shipping label or a USPS mailer.
  • Once you have received your shipping label or SAFEPAK, pack up your items, and ship them to us. Note that this is free of charge for you. It’s on us. Send whatever you want to sell: from a gold coin to a silver watch and diamond-studded jewelry. (You can track your shipment through every stage for the peace of your mind.)
  • As soon as we receive your package, our certified technicians will appraise your item(s). Within 24 hours of receiving the valuables, we will send you a quote via email, text, or phone call, whichever is the primary mode of communication.
  • After receiving the quote, if you’re satisfied with our offer, you can accept it. We will instantly start the process of transferring your money. The transfer can be made via bank wire, cheque, or PayPal, whichever is ideal for you. However, in case you didn’t like our Offer and don’t want to proceed, we will return your items at no cost at all.

We don’t want you to settle for less. With us, you’re sure to have a simple, straightforward, transparent, and completely risk-free experience. We offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We deal in all kinds of gold jewelry, in all carats, and assure the best price in the market. At Cash4Gold, we also buy gold coins, diamonds, and other collector’s items. We have experts to evaluate all kinds of gold and diamond products and would be happy to purchase any gold off your hands. We buy all kinds of fine jewelry, broken gold pieces, scrap gold, coins, and bullion, offering the highest price in the market for all your valuables.

But, why choose us among other dealers?

  • Transparent method(s) of evaluation.
  • Ideal price offered in the market.
  • Dealing in all kinds of gold and diamond jewelry.
  • The online procedure, plus computerized testing.
  • Complete privacy for all your transactions.
  • Flexible payment methods.

We’re one of the most reputed buyers of gold and diamond jewelry online. Visit our website for more details.


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